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This addon allows you to define simple data models supporting serialization/deserialization to/from json

Datamodels are Marshmallow models classes that can be inherited as Odoo Models.

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To define your own datamodel you just need to create a class that inherits from odoo.addons.datamodel.core.Datamodel

from marshmallow import fields

from odoo.addons.base_rest import restapi
from odoo.addons.component.core import Component
from odoo.addons.datamodel.core import Datamodel

class PartnerShortInfo(Datamodel):
    _name = ""

    id = fields.Integer(required=True, allow_none=False)
    name = fields.String(required=True, allow_none=False)

class PartnerInfo(Datamodel):
    _name = ""
    _inherit = ""

    street = fields.String(required=True, allow_none=False)
    street2 = fields.String(required=False, allow_none=True)
    zip_code = fields.String(required=True, allow_none=False)
    city = fields.String(required=True, allow_none=False)
    phone = fields.String(required=False, allow_none=True)
    is_componay = fields.Boolean(required=False, allow_none=False)

As for odoo models, you can extend the base datamodel by inheriting of base.

class Base(Datamodel):
    _inherit = "base"

    def _my_method(self):

Datamodels are available through the datamodels registry provided by the Odoo's environment.

class ResPartner(Model):
    _inherit = "res.partner"

    def _to_partner_info(self):
        PartnerInfo = self.env.datamodels[""]
        partner_info = PartnerInfo(partial=True) = =
        partner_info.street = partner.street
        partner_info.street2 = partner.street2
        partner_info.zip_code = = =
        partner_info.is_company = partner.is_company
        return partner_info

The Odoo's environment is also available into the datamodel instance.

class MyDataModel(Datamodel):
    _name = ""

    def _my_method(self):
        partners = self.env["res.partner"].search([])


The env property into a Datamodel instance is mutable. IOW, you can't rely on information (context, user) provided by the environment. The env property is a helper property that give you access to the odoo's registry and must be use with caution.

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