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Full Text Search

Perform a full text search of module descriptions, readme files and names.

Module Data Search

Search for models, fields, methods, views or specific keys in the manifest of a module.

Dependency Graph

Visualize dependencies of OCA modules using our dependency tool

Sample Queries

sale returns modules with 'sale' in name, description or readme files.
author:OCA returns modules with author 'OCA'
(author:OCA author:odoo) returns modules with author 'OCA' or 'odoo'
sale version:13 returns modules from version '13' with 'sale' in name, description or readme files


a value contains a
-a value doesn't contain a
~a value contains a
=a value is equal to a
!a value isn't equal to a
^a value begins with a
a$ value ends with a

Single and double quotes can be used to include whitespaces in the search values

Grouping multiple filters with round brackets will search for modules where one of the filters is fulfilled


Filters can be used with the keywords like: keyword:filter
author author of the module
branch branch name the module was found in
depends dependency of the module
description description of the module
external external dependency of the module
field field of the module
function function of the module
git owner of the repository the module was found in
language programming language of the module
license license of the module
model models of the module
name name of the module
readme readme of the module
summary summary of the module
version version of the module
view views of the module
website website information of the module