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Author: Therp BV,Odoo Community Association (OCA)
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 8.0-hr_employee_data_from_work_address-glue-with-l10n_hr_employee_name
Repository: gfcapalbo/hr
Dependencies: hr_employee_data_from_work_address, and l10n_nl_hr_employee_name
Languages: Python (62, 53.0%), XML (5, 4.3%), and reStructuredText (50, 42.7%)

<a class="reference external image-reference" href=""><img alt="License: AGPL-3" src=""> </a> <a name="hr-employee-data-from-work-address-nl-name"></a> <h2>hr_employee_data_from_work_address_nl_name</h2> <p>This module extends the module hr_employee_data_from_work_address with the fields provided by the module l10n_nl_hr_employee_name. The module hr_employee_data_from_work address , takes the info from the employee work address (partner) and syncs it with the employee data. It also takes the employee's work address and replaces it with the partner of the user associated to the employee. l10n_nl_hr_employee_name adds to employee several fields (infix, initial, split first and last name) in order to obtain dutch naming style.</p> <p>This module extends the sync of the employee work partner and the employee data with these new fields.</p> <a name="installation"></a> <h3>Installation</h3> <p>To install this module, you need to:</p> <ol class="arabic simple"> <li>do this ...</li> </ol> <a name="configuration"></a> <h3>Configuration</h3> <p>To configure this module, you need to:</p> <ol class="arabic simple"> <li>go to ...</li> </ol> <a name="usage"></a> <h3>Usage</h3> <p>To use this module, you need to:</p> <p>#. go to ... .. image:: <a class="reference external" href=""></a></p> <blockquote> <table class="docutils field-list" frame="void" rules="none"> <col class="field-name" /> <col class="field-body" /> <tbody valign="top"> <tr class="field"><th class="field-name">alt:</th><td class="field-body">Try me on Runbot</td> </tr> <tr class="field"><th class="field-name">target:</th><td class="field-body"><a class="reference external" href=""></a>/{repo_id}/8.0</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </blockquote> <a name="known-issues-roadmap"></a> <h3>Known issues / Roadmap</h3> <ul class="simple"> <li>...</li> </ul> <a name="bug-tracker"></a> <h3>Bug Tracker</h3> <p>Bugs are tracked on <a class="reference external" href="">GitHub Issues</a>. In case of trouble, please check there if your issue has already been reported. If you spotted it first, help us smashing it by providing a detailed and welcomed feedback.</p> <a name="credits"></a> <h3>Credits</h3> <a name="images"></a> <h4>Images</h4> <ul class="simple"> <li>Odoo Community Association: <a class="reference external" href="">Icon</a>.</li> </ul> <a name="contributors"></a> <h4>Contributors</h4> <ul class="simple"> <li>Giovanni Francesco Capalbo &lt;<a class="reference external" href="mailto:giovanni&#64;">giovanni&#64;</a>&gt;</li> </ul> <p>Do not contact contributors directly about help with questions or problems concerning this addon, but use the <a class="reference external" href="mailto:community&#64;">community mailing list</a> or the <a class="reference external" href="">appropriate specialized mailinglist</a> for help, and the bug tracker linked in <a class="reference internal" href="#bug-tracker">Bug Tracker</a> above for technical issues.</p> <a name="maintainer"></a> <h4>Maintainer</h4> <a class="reference external image-reference" href=""><img alt="Odoo Community Association" src="" /></a> <p>This module is maintained by the OCA.</p> <p>OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.</p> <p>To contribute to this module, please visit <a class="reference external" href=""></a>.</p>