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Author: Numigi
License: LGPL-3
Branch: 14.0
Repository: Numigi/odoo-web-addons
Dependencies: account, and web_search_date_range
Languages: PO File (26, 8.0%), Python (211, 65.3%), XML (57, 17.6%), and reStructuredText (29, 9.0%)
Other branches: 11.0, 11.0-website_sale_sanitized, 12.0, and 12.0-web_list_column_text_align

Web Search Date Range Account

This module extends the web_search_date_range module with date ranges related to accounting.

It enables date filters that are bound to the fiscal year of the company.


The module uses the Fiscal Year settings to determine the fiscal year and trimester ranges.

static/description/account_onboarding.png static/description/account_onboarding_fiscal_period.png


To add a filter to the search view of a model:

  • Go to: Settings / Technical / User Interface / Date Filters
  • Refresh your page, then go to the list view of the model (i.e. Journal Items)

Available Ranges

For now, the following filters are available.

  • Previous Trimester
  • Current Trimester
  • Next Trimester
  • Previous Fiscal Year
  • Current Fiscal Year
  • Next Fiscal Year


The module works with multi-company.

If you have subsidiaries with different account closing dates, the same filters will work for all. You will not need to recreate your dashboards for each subsidiary.