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Author: Odooveloper
License: no license
Branch: 8.0
Repository: consultingerp/odoo-addons
Dependencies: account_voucher
Languages: Markdown (28, 10.4%), Python (28, 10.4%), and XML (212, 79.1%)
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<p>[ NAME ] multicompany<em>enforcement</em>account_voucher</p> <p>[ SUMMARY ] Multicompany enforcement: voucher</p> <p>[ AUTHOR ] Rui Pedrosa Franco</p> <p>[ VERSION ]</p> <p>[ WEBSITE ]</p> <p>[ CATEGORY ] Account</p> <p>[ LICENSE ] AGPL-3</p> <p>[ DESCRIPTION ]</p> <p>Enforces domains and filters according to chosen company in a multicompany environment.</p> <p>Field domains applied in: - Sales receipts - Customer payments - Purchase receipts - Supplier payments</p> <p>Filter and grouping added to search views</p> <p>To do: - customer payments, supplier payments: lines not being removed on company change - apply domains in: view<em>low</em>priority<em>payment</em>form, view<em>vendor</em>receipt<em>dialog</em>form </p> <p>MAKE SURE YOU CHECK MY OTHER MODULES AT...</p> <p>[ MENUS ]</p> <p>[ VIEWS ]</p> <p>[ REPORTS ]</p>