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Author: Daniel Santibáñez Polanco
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 10.0_dev6
Repository: bmya/l10n-chile
Dependencies: account, decimal_precision, l10n_cl_counties, l10n_cl_dte, l10n_cl_dte_caf, l10n_cl_invoice, l10n_cl_libro_compra_venta, point_of_sale, report, user_signature_key, web, and webservices_generic
Languages: JavaScript (18709, 64.8%), PO File (72, 0.2%), Python (1494, 5.2%), XML (438, 1.5%), and XSD (8172, 28.3%)
Other branches: 10.0, 10.0_pr6, 10.0_sii_carlos, 10.0_vat_ledger, activity_in_journal, alc, bfs, bfs_pr1, bfs_pr2, bfs_pr3, bfs_pr4, bfs_pr5, and taxes
Other repositories: odoo-chile/l10n-chile