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Author: AvanzOSC
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 12.0
Repository: adrianrevilla009/sale-addons
Dependencies: sale, and sales_team
Languages: PO File (21, 14.8%), Python (94, 66.2%), XML (14, 9.9%), and reStructuredText (13, 9.2%)
Other branches: sale_order_weight_cost
Other repositories: Daniel-CA/sale-addons, OihanaLarranaga/sale-addons, RL-OtherApps/sale-addons, alfredoavanzosc/sale-addons, avanzosc/sale-addons, mikelarre/sale-addons, oihane/sale-addons, royalline1/sale-addons, and suningwz/sale-addons

<a class="reference external image-reference" href=""><img alt="License: AGPL-3" src=""> </a> <a name="sale-team-analytic-tag"></a> <h2>Sale Team Analytic Tag</h2> <p>This module allows to configure analytic tags for different sale teams and add them automatically on sale order lines</p> <a name="credits"></a> <h3>Credits</h3> <a name="images"></a> <h4>Images</h4> <a name="contributors"></a> <h4>Contributors</h4> <ul class="simple"> <li>Daniel Campos &lt;<a class="reference external" href="mailto:danielcampos&#64;">danielcampos&#64;</a>&gt;</li> </ul> <p>Do not contact contributors directly about support or help with technical issues.</p>