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Author: GRAP
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 12.0
Repository: grap/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade
Dependencies: intercompany_trade_base, and point_of_sale
Languages: JavaScript (25, 16.8%), PO File (23, 15.4%), Python (61, 40.9%), XML (9, 6.0%), and reStructuredText (31, 20.8%)
Other branches: 8.0, 8.0_FIX_test, and 8.0_auto_install
Other repositories: erick-alvino/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade, legalsylvain/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade, and vidtsin/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade

Intercompany Trade - Point Of Sale

Beta License: AGPL-3 grap/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade

This module disable the possibility to makes pos orders to partners in point of sale, if there are marked as 'Integrated Trade', in Front and Back Office.

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  • GRAP



This module is part of the grap/odoo-addons-intercompany-trade project on GitHub.

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