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Author: Vertel AB
License: AGPL-3
Branch: Dev-12.0-Fenix-Sprint-02
Repository: vertelab/odoo-website
Dependencies: auth_signup, and web
Languages: PO File (15, 26.3%), Python (27, 47.4%), and XML (15, 26.3%)
Other branches: 12.0, 12.0-AFC-261, 13.0, Dev-12.0, dev, and master
Other repositories: 001101/odoo-website, CRITEAN/odoo-website, DITIntl/odoo-website, DenisaElena89/odoo-website, Jeisonpernia/odoo-website, RL-OtherApps/odoo-website, fanzalika/odoo-website, and suningwz/odoo-website