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Author: Noviat
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 9.0
Repository: gfcapalbo/noviat-apps
Dependencies: base_vat
Languages: Python (101, 88.6%), and reStructuredText (13, 11.4%)
Other branches: 7.0, and 8.0
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base_vat module performance enhancements

This module contains the following performance improvements:

  • VIES VAT on-line check performance improvements

    The standard base_vat module behaviour is changed as follows:

    When the VIES VAT option has been set on the Company an on-line check will be performed via the TIN Number "Check Validity" button.

    When performing partner record updates (explicitly or implicitly e.g. by paying an invoice), a VAT number check is performed on partner and/or contact records (since the VAT number is part of the so-called "_commercial_fields"). Since the on-line check may slow down considerably the regular operations, the constraint has been removed and replaced by an on-line check when creating partner records and a basic off-line check when updating partner records.

  • normalize res.partner vat field in the database to improve search performance

  • normalize search argument when searching on VAT number