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Author: La Louve, Druidoo
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 12.0
Repository: trobz/odoo-production
Dependencies: coop_membership, point_of_sale, pos_price_to_weight, queue_job, and web
Languages: CSS (26, 1.6%), HTML (339, 21.0%), JavaScript (209, 12.9%), PO File (112, 6.9%), Python (562, 34.8%), Sass (7, 0.4%), and XML (359, 22.2%)
Other branches: 12.0_dev, 12.0_migrate_shift_operations, and 20180112
Other repositories: AwesomeFoodCoops/odoo-production, DITIntl/odoo-production, Groupe-Informatique-LaCoopSurMer/odoo-production, Otsokop/odoo-production, azmeuk/odoo-production, chetanrdhaduk/odoo-production, demain-supermarche/odoo-production, druidoo/FoodCoops, dzungtran89/odoo-production, estevebadia/odoo-production, fjouatte/odoo-production, hilarak/odoo-production, lachouettecoop/odoo-production, mszinte/odoo-production, nthnnl/odoo-production, odoo-modules/odoo-production, petrus-v/odoo-foodcoops, rihene-abdelwahed/odoo-production, sc4you/odoo-production, siddharth7815/odoo-production, supercoopbdx/odoo-production, and vidtsin/odoo-production

Coop - Point of Sale Custom views

Beta License: AGPL-3 druidoo/FoodCoops

  • Affiche la photo des clients en format grand (champ 'res_partner.image') au lieu d'afficher l'image petite. ('res_partner.image_small')

Note: pour un fonctionnement correct, il faut donc que l'image du client soit carré dans son format d'origine, pour éviter les distorsions.

  • Améliore l'affichage du détail de la fiche client.
  • Stocke le montant total des commandes en bdd pour pouvoir filtrer dessus

This module is distributed in the hope that it will be useful.

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  • La Louve
  • Druidoo



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