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Author: Trustcode
License: Other OSI approved licence
Branch: 14.0-black
Repository: Code-137/odoo-brasil
Dependencies: account, l10n_br_eletronic_document, and point_of_sale
Languages: CSS (1, 0.1%), HTML (5, 0.4%), JavaScript (281, 21.0%), Python (778, 58.1%), and XML (274, 20.5%)
Other branches: 13.0, 13.0-fix_website_sale, 13.0-l10n_br_website_sale, 13.0-view_payment_receivable, 14.0, bugfix/serie_nfe_inutilization, and feature/mapping_account_and_journal
Other repositories: Odoo-BR/odoo-brasil, Trust-Code/odoo-brasil, crsilveira/odoo-brasil, deborapoh/odoo-brasil, marceloengecom/odoo-brasil, and marcelsavegnago/odoo-brasil

Module to adapt Odoo Point of Sale to Brazil