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Author: initOS GmbH
License: no license
Branch: 7.0-add_web_listview_date_range_bar
Repository: initOS/web
Dependencies: web
Languages: CSS (3, 2.6%), JavaScript (50, 43.5%), PO File (19, 16.5%), Python (30, 26.1%), and XML (13, 11.3%)

License: AGPL-3

Listview date range bar.

This module provides a new list view widget view mode 'listview_date_range_bar' that adds a date range selector bar on top of your list view that allows you to specifiy a date range for your list items.


To use this module, you need to:

  • To use this in your models list view set listview_date_range_bar as view_mode for the window action that shows your view.
  • Everytime a date is changed a reload of the current content of the list view is triggered.
  • The selected start and end dates are accessible in the context of the search() function in your model and subsequently called functions like read().
  • To use the generic start/end dates from context to filter your model by custom fields, override search() in your model and modify the domain with the date range given in context before calling the super class search().
  • The context fields to use are: list_date_range_bar_start / list_date_range_bar_end
  • By default the date fields are empty. If list_date_range_bar_start/ list_date_range_bar_end are already present in context when showing the widget than their values are used to set the initial date range.


Your window action could look like:

<record id="my_view_id" model="ir.actions.act_window">
    <field name="view_type">form</field>
    <field name="view_mode">listview_date_range_bar</field>

Your models search function could look like this to filter on field my_date:

def search(self, cr, user, args, offset=0, limit=None, order=None,
           context=None, count=False):
    date_start = context and context.get('list_date_range_bar_start')
    if date_start:
        args.append(('my_date','>=', date_start))
    return super(my_model_class, self).\
        search(cr, user, args, offset=offset, limit=limit, order=order,
               context=context, count=count)




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