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Author: Vauxoo
License: AGPL-3
Branch: 8.0
Repository: apetbiz/l10n-peru
Dependencies: base_vat
Languages: PO File (18, 32.7%), Python (32, 58.2%), and reStructuredText (5, 9.1%)
Other branches: 7.0
Other repositories: JDSalcedo/l10n-peru, OCA/l10n-peru, SeuMarco/l10n-peru, Yaroslab/l10n-peru, desarrollador-python/l10n-peru, lideritjnma/l10n-peru, maicoldlb/l10n-peru, and pscloud/l10n-peru

VAT Number Split Peru

This module add Split VAT Number to partner.

Split VAT Number to l10n-VAT in a new field calculated