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License: AGPL-3
Branch: master
Repository: Atrasoftware/LibrERP
Dependencies: account_due_list, and report_webkit
Languages: Mako (99, 14.4%), PO File (115, 16.7%), Python (97, 14.1%), and XML (377, 54.8%)
Other branches: devel, and webclient
Other repositories: Cywaithaka/LibrERP, DevidLuxim/LibrERP, dhp-denero/LibrERP, edposcar/LibrERP, elmonitor/LibrERP, fanzalika/LibrERP, gitlabuser/LibrERP, ike-okonkwo/LibrERP, iw3hxn/LibrERP, mohamedhagag/LibrERP, odoocn/LibrERP, odoousers2014/LibrERP, purnendu03/LibrERP, sc4you/LibrERP, and uhg-denero/LibrERP