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Author: Akretion
License: AGPL-3
Branch: add-base-sparse-field-search
Repository: 0yik/ak-odoo-incubator
Dependencies: base, and base_sparse_field
Languages: Python (41, 68.3%), XML (12, 20.0%), and reStructuredText (7, 11.7%)
Other repositories: EBII/ak-odoo-incubator, RL-OtherApps/ak-odoo-incubator, akretion/ak-odoo-incubator, camptocamp/ak-odoo-incubator, florian-dacosta/ak-odoo-incubator, hadjerBachiri/ak-odoo-incubator, iamyeonhan/ak-odoo-incubator, kevinkhao/ak-odoo-incubator, magnuscolors/ak-odoo-incubator, sc4you/ak-odoo-incubator, vidtsin/ak-odoo-incubator, and westlyou/ak-odoo-incubator

License: AGPL-3

Base Sparse Fields Search

This module add the possibility to allow to search on a sparse field. But, for version 9, it needs some ugly patch on the odoo orm, this module can't work without these patches. It should be fixed in version 11 and this module should be totally independant