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Author: Camptocamp
License: AGPL-3
Branch: add-server-env
Repository: guewen/storage
Dependencies: server_env_storage_backend, and storage_backend_sftp
Languages: Python (34, 58.6%), and reStructuredText (24, 41.4%)

License: AGPL-3

Storage Backend SFTP - Server Environment Configuration

This module is based on the server_environment module to use files or environment variable for configuration. Thus we can have a different configuration for each environment (dev, test, staging, prod). This module defines the config variables for the storage_backend_sftp module.

Configuration and usage

In the configuration file, you can configure the server, port, login, password of the storage backend.

Exemple of the section to put in the configuration file or environment variable:

directory_path = /demo
sftp_server =
sftp_port = 22
sftp_login = foo
sftp_password = bar