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Author: iterativo LLC, Indexa
License: LGPL-3
Branch: 13.0-xmarts-ro
Repository: akevinieron/l10n-dominicana
Dependencies: account, base, l10n_do, l10n_latam_invoice_document, and web
Languages: JavaScript (95, 3.4%), PO File (408, 14.5%), Python (1682, 59.9%), Sass (39, 1.4%), XML (569, 20.3%), and reStructuredText (14, 0.5%)
Other branches: 12.0-pro, 12.0-pro-guavana, 13.0, 13.0-fix-ro, 13.0-imp-000-jl, 13.0-imp-arp, and 13.0-staging
Other repositories: Amartinez02/l10n-dominicana, CarlosRamirezT/l10n-dominicana, Manokero/l10n-dominicana, SERVICOMRD/l10n-dominicana, Victor-Gaspar/l10n-dominicana, andrp92/l10n-dominicana, crbll0/l10n-dominicana, crisog/l10n-dominicana, dixgrake/l10n-dominicana, falconsoft3d/l10n-dominicana, freddy02/l10n-dominicana, herohat/l10n-dominicana, jeffryjdelarosa/l10n-dominicana, jldm3000/l10n-dominicana, juhenriquez/l10n-dominicana, odoo-dominicana/l10n-dominicana, rdoble/l10n-dominicana, sisboca/l10n-dominicana, solucionescamelot/l10n-dominicana, and yeisonpx/l10n-dominicana

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