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Author: Vauxoo
License: LGPL-3
Branch: master-fix-github-status-moc
Repository: odoo/runbot
Dependencies: purchase, and stock_by_warehouse
Languages: PO File (24, 21.1%), Python (44, 38.6%), XML (26, 22.8%), and reStructuredText (20, 17.5%)
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License: LGPL-3

Functional Rationale:

Provide a nice widget in the product on the purchase order line to see the quantity of product by warehouse in order to help you to review such information as fast as possible.

Example on Form View Example on Form View

Developers usage:

Developers can inherit this module as a fast way to get product availability by warehouse in other views by simply adding a related field.


This module rely on variants and multiple warehouse management properly configured



This module is maintained by Vauxoo.

a latinamerican company that provides training, coaching, development and implementation of enterprise management systems and bases its entire operation strategy in the use of Open Source Software and its main product is Odoo.

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